2001 Tournament Results

Fourth International Bicycle Polo Championships

London, England, July 23-26

Men's Division
Gold Medal: India
Silver Medal: Canada
Bronze Medal: France:
Fourth Place: USA
Fifth Place: Germany
Women's Division
Gold Medal: India
Silver Medal: England


Division A

India 11, Germany 4
France 12, Scotland 2
Scotland 5, Germany 5
India 19, Scotland 1
France 5, Germany 3
India d. France (forfeit)

Division B

Canada 5, England 3
U.S.A. 6, Belgium 5
U.S.A. 11, England 6
Canada 4, Belgium 2
England 5, Belgium 2
Canada 5, U.S.A. 4


Division A

India 3-0
France 2-1
Germany 0-2-1
Scotland 0-2-1

Division B

Canada 3-0
U.S.A. 2-1
England 1-2
Belgium 0-3

World Cup Semi-Finals

India 8, U.S.A. 3
Canada 5, France 3

World Cup Final Game

India 8, Canada 7

Bronze Medal Game

France 13, U.S.A. 3

International Plate Semi-Finals

Germany 4, Belgium 3
England 3, Scotland 1

International Plate Final Game (for fifth place)

Germany 6, England 2

Leading Scorers

P. Shiva Kumar (India)    18 goals
T. Kumar (India)    13 goals
Thomas Winter (Germany) 13 goals
Didier Derly (France)    11 goals
Milind Patle    (India)    11 goals
Peter Furmedge (Canada) 10 goals

Jan E. Wendland Memorial

Aiken, SC, December 1

 Winners: Aiken Prep
Winners (in yellow): Seth Kopald, Henry du Toit, Taylor Freeman, Jonathan Ellis
Runners-up (in green) Woody Maloney, Bill Matheson, Virginia Kopald (absent: Bobby Buckley)
Second runners-up: Steve Smith, Eric Schmidt, Zak Smith, Emily Smith
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