V. Games

 A. Number of Periods:

 1. A game shall consist of an even number of Periods, with a minimum of two and a maximum of six.

 2. The Tournament Committee shall set the number of Periods for games in an event based on the number of teams entered and the time available to complete the required number of games.

 3. The semi-finals and/or finals may consist of more Periods than games in previous rounds, with a maximum of two additional Periods, not including any overtime Periods.

 B. Duration of Periods:

 1. Regulation Periods shall be 10 minutes in duration.

 2. In the event of a tie score at the end of the last Regulation Period, any Overtime Periods shall be 5 minutes in duration, and the full 5 minutes shall be played, regardless of the number of goals scored, until one team is leading at the end of a Period.

 3. The clock shall be stopped whenever the Referee blows the whistle, and started when the ball is hit or hit at.

 4. The timekeeper shall ring a bell when 30 seconds remain in any Period, and sound a horn when time expires. The Period is deemed to have ended when the horn is sounded, rather than when the Referee blows the whistle.

 C. Time Between Periods:

 1. There shall be a 10-minute break between the two middle Periods of a game, which break will be known as Half-Time;

 2. There shall be a two-minute break between all other Periods, including between the last regulation Period and the first overtime Period, and between overtime Periods.

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