III. Goals

A. How Scored

 1. A goal shall be scored when, in the opinion of the Referee, the ball has passed over and clear of the Goal Line between the goal posts, or the imaginary lines created by extending their inner edges upward. The Referee may rely on the testimony of the Goal Judge or players to help him determine whether a goal was scored, but the Referee's decision shall be final.

 2. A goal awarded by Penalty 1 shall count as a goal scored.

 B. How Credited

 1. Credit for a goal scored shall be given to the last attacking player to touch the ball prior to its crossing the Goal Line. If no attacking player touched the ball prior to the goal being scored, credit for the goal shall be given to the attacking player nearest the goal when the goal was scored.

 2. Credit for a goal awarded by Penalty 1 shall be given to the player fouled.

 C. How Play Resumed: After a goal is scored, a Sprint shall be held at the center of the field under the same conditions as at the start of the game, with each team free to designate any player as their Sprinter.

 D. Determination of Winner: The team which has a higher total of goals scored at the end of the game shall be declared the winner of the game.
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