Aiken Seniors Win 2005 Wendland Memorial

2005 Trophy shot
Aiken Seniors, winners of the 2005 Jan E. Wendland Memorial:
Eric Schmidt, Stephen Smith, Bill Matheson, Mit Carothers, and Ed Caycedo

    The senior home team came out on top in the 2005 Jan E. Wendland Memorial tournament, played March 12 at the historic Winthrop Field in Aiken, SC. Three teams entered the event, including the defending champions from Charlottesville, Virginia. Play began with the Aiken Junior team taking on Charlottesville, and the youngsters came away with a convincing 6-1 victory, leading 1-0 after one chukker, 3-0 at the half, and 4-1 after three chukkers. Zak Smith led the Juniors with three goals, with Seth Kopald adding two and Taylor Freeman one. Daniel Moski, who had begun playing just a few months earlier, kept the Charlottesville defense busy with his aggressive play, clearing the way for several of his teammates' goals. Charlottesville had some miserable luck shooting at goal, hitting the post three or four times without converting any of the rebounds; the Juniors hit the post just once, and the ball bounced through the goal anyway.
    The Juniors then faced the Aiken Seniors, in a classic contest of youth and fitness against experience and guile. The Seniors got off to a fast start in the first chukker, grabbing a 3-1 lead on two goals by Eric Schmidt and one by Bill Matheson, while Seth Kopald scored for the Juniors. The Seniors did even better in the second chukker, notching four unanswered goals to take a 7-1 lead. Bill Matheson accounted for two goals, with Schmidt and Steve Smith adding one apiece. The third chukker was even, with Zak Smith scoring for the Juniors and Matheson for the Seniors, making the score 8-2. The Juniors made it a bit more respectable in the fourth, as Taylor Freeman and Kopald each scored a goal, while Schmidt had the only goal for the Seniors. The final score was 9-4.
    The last game of the day pitted the Aiken Seniors against Charlottesville, and given the lopsided nature of the first two games, one would have expected an easy victory for the Seniors. It was not to be, however, as the score was tied 1-1 at half-time on goals by Schmidt for the Seniors and Scott Gray for C'Ville. Steve Smith gave the Seniors a 2-1 lead in the third chukker, and when Mit Carothers had to leave for a previously scheduled engagement, Ed Caycedo came in and seemed to spark the team, scoring a goal and helping the Seniors notch another for a 4-1 victory.

Aiken Juniors, runners-up in the 2005 Jan E. Wendland Memorial:
Daniel Moski, Zak Smith, Seth Kopald, and Taylor Freeman

Past Winners of the Wendland Memorial:

1995: Aiken

Chris Griffin
John Weatherford
Bill Matheson
George Handy

1996: Palm Beach

Jim Tolbert
Tiger Kneece
Adam Snow

2000: Aiken Prep

Bobby Buckley
Kit Buckley
Zak Smith
Justin Pimsner

2001: Aiken Prep

Jon Ellis
Taylor Freeman
Henri DuToit
Seth Kopald

2002: Boxwood

Mathew R. Lopez
Louis J. Lopez, Jr.
William L. Matheson, Jr.
Louis J. Lopez III
Gaither Limehouse

2003: Unionville

Nancy Davidson
Eric Zandotti
Crosby Wood
K.C. Kulp

2004: Charlottesville

Louis J. Lopez, Jr.
Louis J. Lopez III
B. Scott Gray
Timothy A. Gray

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