Unionville Wins 2009 Wendland Memorial

2008 Trophy shot
 Unionville, winners of the 2009 Wendland Memorial: Craig Danks, Dr. Bob Scott, Richard Lyons, George Gower, Norris Wright, and Kevin Thompson. They had a minor mishap on the way to Aiken when a spindle snapped and a wheel came off their trailer, but managed to acquire a new trailer, regroup, and kick Aiken's butts in the tournament. Crosby Wood, Unionville's captain and superstar, took the picture, and so is not in it.

The 2009 Wendland Memorial, contrary to last year's prediction, turned out to be a bit of a letdown, with only Unionville making the trip to Aiken for the tournament. Friday evening saw a round-robin match among three pick-up teams drafted by captains Crosby Wood, Kevin Thompson, and Bill Matheson. The round-robin was played on the sit-down-when-you-get-scored-on format, and Matheson's team of Matt McGhee, Zak Smith, and Craig Danks was the first to reach the target of 10 goals. Thompson's draft picks focused on fitness, with his lineup consisting of Norris Wright, William R. Matheson, and George Gower; they finished a close second with nine goals. Wood's squad included Richard Lyons, Eric Schmidt, and Augusto Donatelli. Special thanks to George Galvan for umpiring, and to Wesley Bryan for filling in on Bill Matheson's team.

Saturday saw the feature match between Unionville and Aiken, but it turned out that Aiken would have been a lot better off playing as a team Friday evening, as Schmidt, McGhee, and Smith were all unavailable. Their lineup of Bryan, the two Mathesons, and Donatelli was no match for the Pennsylvanians, who came out on top by a score of 8-1.

Past Winners of the Wendland Memorial:

1995: Aiken

Chris Griffin
John Weatherford
Bill Matheson
George Handy

1996: Palm Beach

Jim Tolbert
Tiger Kneece
Adam Snow

2000: Aiken Prep

Bobby Buckley
Kit Buckley
Zak Smith
Justin Pimsner

2001: Aiken Prep

Jon Ellis
Taylor Freeman
Henri DuToit
Seth Kopald

2002: Boxwood

Mathew R. Lopez
Louis J. Lopez, Jr.
William L. Matheson, Jr.
Louis J. Lopez III
Gaither Limehouse

2003: Unionville

Nancy Davidson
Eric Zandotti
Crosby Wood
K.C. Kulp

2004: Charlottesville

Louis J. Lopez, Jr.
Louis J. Lopez III
B. Scott Gray
Timothy A. Gray

2005: Aiken Seniors

Eric Schmidt
Steven Smith
William L. Matheson, Jr.
Milton Carothers
Edward Caycedo

2006: Aiken Prep

Charles S. Bostwick, Jr.
Wesley Bryan
Sergio Muris
William L. Matheson, Jr.
Andrew F. O'Byrne, Jr.

2007: Unionville

Eric Zandotti
Kevin Thompson
Crosby Wood
Norris Wright
Dr. Robert Smith

2008: Aiken

Milton Carothers
Zak Smith
Seth Kopald
William L. Matheson, Jr.
Eric Schmidt

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