II. Equipment

 A. Bicycles of any type may be used, but a player may be required to remove any equipment which may be hazardous to another player.

 B. Mallets shall not exceed an overall length of 36 inches. The cane may not exceed one inch in diameter. The head may not exceed three inches in diameter, nine inches in length, and ten ounces in weight.

 C.The ball shall be not less than 12.5" or more than 15" in circumference and not less than 170 grams or more than 182 grams in weight. In a bounce test from 9' on concrete at 70ºF, the rebound should be a minimum of 54" and a maximum of 64" at the inflation rate specified by the manufacturer.

 D. Each player must wear a protective helmet, which must be secured to the head in such a way as to preclude its becoming dislodged in a fall. Protective facemasks and/or goggles are recommended, but not required. E. Any other equipment, such as shin, knee, or elbow guards, must be of such design and material so as not to constitute a hazard to other players.
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