III. Teams and Players

 A. Number of players on team: No team may have more than six members in total, all of whom must be named before that team begins play. All players must be current members of the BPAA.

 B. Number of Players on Field: No team may have more than four players on the Playing Field while the ball is in play. Tournaments may be held with fewer than four players per team allowed on the field, but in no case may the limit be less than two. Tournaments may also be held which limit the number of male or female players on the field.

 C. Team colors: Each team must have two sets of shirts, each set to include a different numbered shirt for each member of the team. The shirts in each set must be identical in color and pattern, and have clearly visible numbers at least ten inches high on the back and four inches high on the front. Color-coordinated shorts, helmets, pads, and numbers on the sleeves are optional, but recommended. Any sponsorsí logos must be configured in such a way as not to interfere with the legibility of the playersí numbers. The two sets of shirts must be sufficiently different in color and pattern as to enable the team to avoid having to wear shirts which cause confusion with their opponentsí shirts.

 D. Conflicting Colors: If, in the opinion of the officials, two teamsí shirts are so alike as to cause confusion, the team lower in the draw shall be required to switch to their other set of shirts. If there is no way to determine which team is lower in the draw, a coin flip shall decide which team shall change shirts.

E. Substitutions:

 1. Between Periods: Substitutions may be made between periods, but a team making such substitutions must remain within any limitations regarding number of male or female players on the field.

 2. Injured player:

 a. If a player is unable to continue play due to injury or illness, a substitution may be made during a period. If possible, a team should still remain within any restrictions on the number of male or female players on the field, but a female player may be substituted for a male player in this situation.

 b. Any player who leaves the game due to injury or illness may not return to the game until the end of the the period following that during which the player left the game. (e.g. if a player leaves the game during the second period due to injury, he or she may not return to the game until after the third period.)

 c. If a player is injured by a foul, a Penalty 4 may be appropriate; see Penalty 4.

 F. Captains:

 1. Each team shall designate one player as its Captain, who shall have the sole right to discuss any matter with the Referee.

 2. If a teamís Captain is not on the field, an Acting Captain shall be designated from among the players on the field until the Captain returns to the field.
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