VII. Playing the Ball

 A. A player may block the ball with any part of his body or equipment, but may not direct the ball with anything other than his mallet. The hand holding the mallet shall be considered part of the mallet for purposes of this rule.

 B. No player may intentionally carry the ball against his body or in his equipment.

 C. If a ball accidentally becomes lodged in a player’s equipment, the Referee shall stop play and a Sprint shall be held at the center of the field.

 D. No player may hit the ball more than three times consecutively, unless:

 1. The ball is hit or hit at by another player; 2. The ball hits another player, another player’s equipment, or the Referee.

 3. The player is riding toward the Goal defended by the other team, and no defending player is closer to that Goal than the player hitting the ball. (Note: Unsuccessful attempts to hit the ball shall not be counted as hits for the purpose of this rule.)
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