VIII. Use of Mallet

 A. A player may hit or block the ball with his mallet regardless of the height of the ball off the ground, but may not swing dangerously or recklessly if other players are nearby. If another player is inadvertently struck by a player’s mallet, a foul shall be called.

 B. A player may hook or strike an opponent’s mallet if the following conditions are met:

 1. The point of contact between the two mallets is below the level of opponent’s shoulder.

 2. The opponent is either in the act of hitting at the ball or attempting to hook or strike the player’s mallet.

 3. The hooking or striking is not done dangerously or recklessly. If the opponent is struck by the player’s mallet, a foul shall be called.

 C. If a player intentionally strikes or attempts to strike an opponent with his mallet, a Penalty 5 shall be called.

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